Subaru’s Campaigns (And Why We Love Them)

Subaru’s Campaigns (And Why We Love Them)

by Tepino on April 1, 2013
Subaru’s Campaigns (And Why We Love Them)

A few years ago, you may not have thought to give Subaru a second thought when in the market for a new car. Not to say there was ever an issue with the vehicles themselves – the brand just didn’t seem as memorable in comparison to how other motor vehicles were positioning themselves. There weren’t any Decembers to remember, dancing hamsters, mistaken graduation presents or darth vader superpowers. So what happened between then and now? Well, a little nostalgia.

If there’s any difficult feat you encounter as an agency, it’s the challenge of creating a campaign that gets people to connect with your brand. It needs to speak to your audience. With a new creative rebranding, Subaru has repositioned itself as the car you grow up with. Their commercials tug at your heartstrings, giving you a feeling of comfort, wistfulness and sentimentality.

While some brands tend to miss the mark – overselling too much or deviating from their initial objective, for example – we love the simplicity and, yes, nostalgia Subaru has created in their most recent campaigns.

Now, here are a few of our favorite Subaru commercials: