Why Do I Find Myself Talking To the PPC/SEO Guy?

Why Do I Find Myself Talking To the PPC/SEO Guy?

by Tepino on March 30, 2015
Why Do I Find Myself Talking To the PPC/SEO Guy?

I went to art school, learned how to draw and paint, took advertising courses, learned about typography, worked as an illustrator and creative director, and now I find myself on the phone asking the PPC/SEM/SEO (or any other three letter acronym) guy to answer the mysteries of the universe for me – it’s like he’s my Dalai Lama.

He’s not a “creative”. But he knows what search terms the market responds to. He also seems to know which of my web pages convert and if people bounce from any one of my pages. He reviews big spreadsheets of data like it’s the Da Vinci Code.

His answers aren’t always obvious. While we can quickly find out what works, the reasons why may take some time to untangle. This long analysis is torture for a creative guy, but his insights shape my creative thinking. I’ll wait until he gets to the punch line. He’s truly evil.

He doesn’t care so much about the beautiful brand experience I create. I can’t seem to wow him with all the color and graphic skills I learned from my 20 years of building brands. He’s impervious to my magic!

I can’t make a move without his approval. What happened to when I was the man with the answers and completely knew what was going to work? He’s Egghead Jr. and I’m Foghorn Leghorn scratching my head. I’m saying, “Now I better, I say I better run this one by John… uhhhh he may not like it.”

I need him. Well then, truth be told, I like to see if the creative actually works, so I have to see his analysis on how much the market responded to my latest landing page or call to action.

While I admit sometimes it feels like a buzzkill to my creative enthusiasm, I guess, I say I guess a little logic never hurt nobody!

Illustration by Todd Friedman, Creative Director and President at Tepino.