Tepino Announces New Specialty Agency

Tepino Announces New Specialty Agency

by Tepino on January 20, 2017
Tepino Announces New Specialty Agency

By Dana Koman

Branding agency Tepino, a company in the heart of Coconut Grove, Florida, is launching a new agency called Timbuk3 for the New Year – specializing in hospitality management and travel with its sights on the Caribbean.

Tepino Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director Todd Friedman, alongside his team of hospitality gurus, said Timbuk3 [TB3] is slated to launch at the end of January.

TB3 is more than just a new name – it’s an industry specialty for the branding agency. Over the years, Tepino’s backed the launch of several successful companies, including an agricultural-based construction company, an online technology company focused on furniture shopping and home décor and a commercial mortgage brokerage firm, to name a few.

As an award-winning creative director, Friedman’s worked in branding for more than 25 years on several projects, including Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman, Wyndham Rio Mar, Radisson Aruba, Pasha’s, Black & Decker, Granger Construction, The Shops at Sunset Place, Knester, Occidental Hotels, 22 Days Nutrition and Green Plus.

“Our culmination of experience at Tepino has led us to open up a completely new agency,” Friedman said. “Timbuk3 is designed specifically to take care of the challenges when you’re a hotel, cruise line or a destination. Hoteliers and hotel marketers now need to be able to communicate in the social media world and integrate with their hotel experience. We really have a good understanding on how to do both.”

Friedman said TB3 is made of seven key players, including a marketing expert and hospitality consultant for the last 20 years, and a consumer brand strategist and digital marking professional with experience across a wide range of industries. Additionally, Friedman employs a host of designers and specialists, expanding TB3’s network to 25 professionals.

As a staple in South Florida branding, Tepino and its signature “fire up your brand” identity won’t disappear. On the new site, timbuk3agency.com, hospitality clients will find a host of destination-specific information, including team bios, case studies and resources for how TB3 can take your business further.