Storytelling Through Illustration

Storytelling Through Illustration

by Tepino on February 8, 2017
Storytelling Through Illustration

By Dana Koman

You’ve created a brand and want to differentiate yourself – to tell a story and catch someone’s eye. How do you stand out?

In today’s market, choosing illustration instead of photography could prove a wise decision. Incredibly talented illustrators can take your brand to a high level of distinction and communication. Experienced illustrators have a rare ability that’s been honed to their own specific style of art over many years.

The first step when selecting an illustrator is to view his or her past work. Ask yourself if its generic or does it possess flare? Is the artist’s work distinguishable against other illustrators?

To get quality creative, you want the illustrator to have artistic freedom in the job. Think of your role as the director and the illustrator as the actor – telling your story in their own unique visual language. Provide an outline for what you want and allow the illustrator the freedom to fill in the gaps.

If you’ve developed brand standards, use that to your advantage. Provide the illustrator with a color palette that relates to the brand to ensure everything goes together.

You also want to provide the illustrator with clear directive toward your audience. If you’re aiming for high-end, up-scale and sophistication, you want to select an illustrator with past work in the same, or similar, sense of culture.

Illustration, like most art forms, takes time. It’s important to allow flexibility in the schedule for a complete creative process, but don’t be too lax with deadlines. Schedule enough time for one or two revisions per illustration – or more, depending on the scale of work.

If you’re still hesitant about illustration, begin with one assignment and go from there. Starting slow allows you to dip your toe in the water without getting soaked. But if you find a good illustrator you trust, we’re confident you’ll want to jump in head first.