Time for a brand refresh?

Time for a brand refresh?

by Tepino on March 29, 2017
Time for a brand refresh?

By Dana Koman

Let’s say you’ve been sporting the same neon pink leggings and purple crop top since the 1980s. Your hair is big and darn, your mullet has never looked so good! Only, it’s 2017 and those leggings and hair went out of style nearly three decades ago. Chances are, you need to refresh your look – overhaul the outside but maintain the core and values of what’s inside. The same concept could hold true for your brand identity, which by now, with an outdated look remiss of today’s modern style, sticks out in all the wrong ways. With this analogy in mind, when do you know it’s time for a facelift – a brand refresh to revolutionize your look and garner new business? At Tepino, we have a few simple tips that may help you identify when it’s time to chop the mullet, per say, and refresh your look.

Business cards: brag about it or bag it.

If you’re still doing business, but hesitant to hand out your card, it’s probably time for a new look. It sounds obvious, but it’s true. Look at your card and ask yourself if you’re enthusiastic about what you see. You may feel sentimental about your logo because it’s done you right for a long time. But if the enthusiasm is missing, or you find yourself making excuses for never having a card, consider it a sign.

Market speak: can everyone hear you?

Since launching your business, baby boomers know and buy your products. But with any aging company, your clientele isn’t getting any younger either. How do you speak to the younger generations? Part of resonating with new business is to ensure your logo, website, messaging and overall look & feel is relatable to new and growing markets.

Like life, brands evolve too.

With advances in tech and an ever-changing global marketplace, your products likely morphed and evolved overtime. Has your brand caught up to your product? For example, you’ve designed a unique-looking, contemporary razor, but the oversized, Comic Sans letters of your logo conflict with the sleekness of your product. This makes your overall message inconsistent.

Conclusion: If you’re out of touch your customers are out of time. Thank you Hall & Oates!