Presentations, from ordinary to extraordinary

Presentations, from ordinary to extraordinary

by Tepino on April 5, 2017
Presentations, from ordinary to extraordinary

By Dana Koman

I will never forget these words: “Your hair is drab and you need a new do.” I got this advice many years ago when I asked my hairstylist for an honest opinion. Instead of taking offense, I took the plunge! She took my plain hairstyle and added layers, texture and color. I left that salon a new woman and haven’t looked back since.

In branding, similar advice can prove crucial for your business presentations. At Tepino, we have four steps you can take to spruce up the look and feel of the content you’re presenting to the world.

Extra, extra, read all about it! Presentations without headlines are asking for trouble. Instead, interesting headlines throughout a deck help engage readers – making them want to read what you’re presenting. In fact, any news editor will tell you, the headline is the attention-grabbing verbiage that snags readers. Even if you’re not publishing an article, headlines are valuable across the board.

Less is more. Always avoid cramming tons of information into one slide. Instead, break it up. Add a few extra slides to make the presentation more readable and user friendly.

Make it visual. Presentations with charts, graphs and images – visuals to support your ideas – are more effective than presentations without. Adding visuals also helps break up text, thus improving the experience for those you’re presenting to.

Add a theme distinct to your brand. Use the already-established elements from your brand’s color palette and look and feel so your deck doesn’t seem generic. Additionally, by having a theme – as simple as a uniform font and background – could make all the positive difference. Presentations with no relationship to your brand standards, or with inconsistent backgrounds and fonts, are less-professional looking to the eye. Instead, using your brand standards alongside a strong, consistent theme will reinforce confidence in your brand from the observer.

These tips may seem subtle, but you’d be surprised by how much these seemingly-minor tweaks can boost your presentations and give your brand the competitive edge you’ve been searching for.