The evolution of branding

The evolution of branding

by Tepino on April 20, 2017
The evolution of branding

By Dana Koman

For more than 25 years, Tepino Owner and Executive Creative Director Todd Friedman has been leading innovative branding campaigns – crafting BLACK+DECKER home product names, logos and package designs; creating the Berkshire Hathaway-owned Richline Group strategy and brand identity; and building local Miami brands, such as Pasha’s, Silver Hill Financial and VIXI.

Friedman’s also experienced the business of branding evolve with time and the Internet – the latter having the biggest impact on how branding agencies operate.

For example, before the Internet, creative agencies presented a rough idea – traditionally a hand sketch – with plenty of room to grow. Now, a rough sketch consists of a computer-generated image with clean lines, stock images, and a perfect font – an almost-finished product delivered right away with little room for change and imagination. People rarely have the patience for, or even understand the value of, developing an idea without utilizing desktop publishing software – something that’s become ubiquitous today.

Additionally, the Internet supplies more competition and immediate gratification. Nowadays, businesses can outsource and crowdsource logos and identities. It’s easier for businesses to fall into the pool of mediocre-looking, yet somewhat professional brand identity work that looks good for about a year or two.

Some may think this approach is acceptable, but at Tepino, we believe it’s the antithesis of what a brand identity agency is all about.

We believe a great brand makes a statement and provides leadership. A distinguished brand has a stopping power – the ability to break the mold of current conventions.

An experienced, reputable branding agency has a holistic view of your company’s strategy – something you’d be hard-pressed to find solely online. An exceptional branding agency understands how every component is supposed to work together to tell your unique story. An excellent – and exceedingly rare – branding agency takes a strategic approach to your business and is always looking for ways to give you the ultimate advantage. After all, the point of branding is to give you the leading edge over your competition.

It’s proven human nature that we respond to strong imagery and symbolism – and the atypical branding agency understands this and can capture the attention, and later imagination, of the market.

Now, more than ever, exceptional branding is paramount. At the touch of a button, your brand can be seen more easily than ever before – via the Internet, apps, e-mail and more. That’s why having an experienced branding agency, who can see the big picture, is vital.

A branding agency worth its salt helps you discover your true potential as a business and shows you how to leverage your brand and communications online and, most importantly, into the mind of your customer.