Teamwork without an office

Teamwork without an office

by Tepino on May 8, 2017
Teamwork without an office

By Dana Koman

Modern-day office culture is evolving. The bustling mega headquarters of big-name branding or advertising agencies – a concept glamorized in the popular TV show Mad Men – is transforming with the times.

Shared office spaces, such as WeWork and Büro, are transitioning the workplace community to smaller venues with more flexibility for work-from-home employees. With these changes taking place, how do you make the modern-day office successful for your business?

Since launching Tepino is 2008, we’ve hired employees located throughout South Florida and the country. We’ve discovered several essential programs and guidelines that help us stay successful, productive and team-oriented, without requiring everyone to work from the same location.

Constant communication

Skype, which launched in 2003, provides an amazing, and free, platform for anyone to stay in constant communication. In addition to pioneering over-the-Internet video calls, Skype is great for team chat, phone calls, screen shares and document transfers. Skype’s desktop and mobile apps make team communication easy. At Tepino, we have the entire team on Skype all day – keeping the lines of communication open.

Project Management

Various online project management platforms, such as Basecamp and Teamwork, make employee workload and time management easy from afar. Project management programs make it possible for companies to manage every aspect of the day-to-day in real time with optimal collaboration, as well as track everyone’s hours across projects for billing and analysis.

Priority emails

In conjunction with project management programs, daily priority e-mails are a must for our team. Our Account Manager (or whomever you designate), compiles a list of what everyone is working on and distributes it to the team each morning. Not only does it hold team members accountable for their daily goals, but it communicates what everyone is working on and who may have availability for new work.

Regular rendezvous

As a boutique agency with remote employees throughout South Florida (and beyond), we’ve found that monthly in-person gatherings are good for morale as well as big projects – allowing time for brainstorming, planning and team building. Although this concept isn’t possible for every business, we’ve found that it helps boost professional relationship development. Meeting in person also gives everyone a face-to-face forum and a chance to voice their thoughts.

Research results

In 2016, Forbes magazine summarized a study from TINYpulse, which showed that, on average, remote employees felt happier, more valued and more productive than office-based employees. The article details the top findings and emphasizes the importance of constant communication and clarity of daily goals and objectives.

Confidence in your team

However you go about business, we believe the most important guideline for success is confidence in your team. Everyone hopes their employees will be self-starters, go-getters and proactive workers, but if you don’t have confidence in the team you hired, that mantra will resonate outward and could negatively impact production.

We are big advocates for cohesive team building and providing your employees with room to grow and spread their wings. After all, your employees are your greatest asset and allowing them to work remotely cannot only benefit your company but benefit the quality of life of everyone involved.